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Palm wine Puff Puff – Afrolems Nigerian Food Blog

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Palm wine Puff Puff - Afrolems Nigerian Food Blog

Palm wine puff puff is the recipe you didn’t know you needed till today. Here I was innocently sitting and watching my mum shoot her recipes for her blog. I was fiddling with my phone and sipping on palm wine then I randomly blurted out to her; “do you think the yeast content in palm wine is enough to activate gluten for bread making?” She laughed.

“Palmwine is what they use in the village to make bread now.”

“Wait What?”

“They use it to make bread that by the time they give you and you smell it, you can smell how much palm wine was used.”

“How did I not know this?”

“You didn’t live in the village.”

Ah well, fast forward to today on my journey to create different puff puff recipes, palm wine puff puff is the star recipe of the day. I started out with just the basics from my no yeast puff puff recipe without the yoghurt . The texture of the puff puff was a little too hard on the outside. The role that yoghurt plays is moisture but depth in heavy moisture. I am not sure the scientific way to explain it. Think about it (Josh2funny voice), if you were going to make creamy pasta, you would use cooking cream instead of milk or you would figure out a way to make the milk heavy by adding cornstarch etc. Yoghurt does the same thing in this recipe. I ended up adding a little bit of yoghurt and I got my perfect texture.

Next step was to fix the taste. By the time I had fried the puff puff and tasted it, the palm wine flavour had lost its potency in the puff puff so of course, I decided a glaze will stay a bit more surface and bring back the palm wine flavour I was looking for. That’s the recipe I went with and that is the recipe I am sharing with you. Enjoy!


Ingredients (Serves 1-2 People)

1/2 Cup All Purpose Flour + 1 Teaspoon (Extra)

1 Teaspoon Baking Powder

1/3 Cup Palm wine

1 Teaspoon Sugar

2 Tablespoons of Light Yoghurt

Oil for Deep Frying

Palm wine Glaze

1/4 cup Palm wine

3 Tablespoons Icing Sugar (You can reduce this for preference)

1 Teaspoon Melted Butter

1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice


In a bowl, mix your flour, baking powder and sugar and set aside.

Pour in your palm wine and yoghurt and mix until a smooth but stretchy consistency is achieved.

In your oil on low to medium heat, scoop your mixture in a little ball at a time and fry till golden brown.

Take off the heat and set aside.

To make your glaze, combine all the ingredients and place on medium heat.

Stir until it becomes a little thick, take off the heat.

Stir in your glaze a little bit at a time with your puff puff to coat it. You may not need all the glaze.

Serve hot.

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